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Online Examination Proctor Confirmation

Online Examination Proctor Confirmation

To ensure that a candidate’s completion of The Royal Conservatory’s Online Examination is acceptable for high-school credit consideration, we strongly recommend that the exam be proctored.

The purpose of a Proctor is to provide in-person supervision for the examination in an objective manner and to ensure the academic integrity of the exam. This means that the proctor is in the same room as the candidate throughout the exam to ensure that the candidate is not referring to any written notes, Google searches, cue cards, books, or any other support material, or receiving any other form of assistance in completing the examination.

In order for The Royal Conservatory to recognize that an examination has been properly proctored, the Proctor must:

  • NOT be a relative (father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc) of the exam candidate
  • NOT be the music teacher of the exam candidate

Ideally, the Proctor should be a school teacher/official whenever possible to ensure the academic integrity of the examination.

To indicate that the candidate's exam will be proctored, please complete and submit this form:

This form is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Normal service will resume on Friday, October 6, 2023. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience..
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Candidate Information


Proctor Information

By completing and submitting this form, the candidate confirms that the above-indicated Proctor will supervise them while they complete The Royal Conservatory’s online examination (as indicated above) in a manner that ensures the academic integrity of the examination.

The Royal Conservatory reserves the right to withdraw the "Proctored" status from the examination if the Proctor fails to comply with the above requirements.