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Latest Exams News

Latest Exams News

We are committed to completing all exams

The goals of the RCM since the virus outbreak have been to support teachers and to enable tens of thousands of registered students to complete their exams as planned. We have addressed these goals by making online teacher resources available and by offering online testing. Remote examinations offer a viable solution to a very difficult problem. 

These pages contain the official and most up-to-date information regarding RCM Certificate Program examinations.

Remote Exams Overview

We encourage you to visit this page on our website regularly. This site will continue to be updated and will have the most up-to-date information regarding Remote Exams. Please bookmark this page for easy access.

Please note, our Candidate Services team does not have any additional information regarding exams.

Winter 2021

Updated September 13, 2021

Please be advised that due to ongoing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person examinations will not be offered during the traditional winter session.

Remote Practical Exams

There is no deadline to register for a remote Practical Exam. You can register for your exam when you are ready! To learn more about Remote Practical Exams, please visit the Remote Practical Exam Overview page on our website.

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Remote Intermediate Theory and History Exams

All Intermediate Theory and History Exams will be conducted online. There is no deadline to register for Theory Levels 5 through 8 and History 9, 10, and ARCT exams. They can be taken whenever the student is ready. Please review the Theory Exam Overview chart for details. 

Remote Theory Overview

Remote Advanced Theory Exams

All Advanced Theory exams will be conducted via Zoom and must be registered through a MyRCM account.

Advanced Theory* Examination Dates: December 10 & 11, 2021
Registration Opens: September 15, 2021
Registration Deadline: November 2, 2021

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*Advanced Theory Exams include: Level 9 Harmony, Level 10 and ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint, ARCT Analysis, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Piano Pedagogy Written, Teachers’ Written, Speech Arts History & Literature, and Speech Arts Technical Theory.

Modification to Accompanist Requirement for COVID-19

Updated April 20, 2021

Due to the ongoing restrictions and lockdowns currently in place, the modified policy regarding performance of examination repertoire with accompaniment has been further extended to accommodate Levels 9, 10 and ARCT, as outlined below.

The modified policy is intended to accommodate those who are unable to safely work with a collaborative pianist. Students are strongly encouraged to continue to perform with collaborative pianists whenever possible.

Please click here to view the modfied policy.

These temporary modifications to the requirements outlined in the syllabi will remain in place through December 31, 2021.