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Remote Exams

RCM Remote Examinations
Remote Exams

Supporting Ongoing Achievement 

Assessment plays a crucial role in a student’s development, providing benchmarks and motivation for both mastery and performance goals. Remote Exams offer music study without boundaries; they are a convenient and flexible way to progress through music study. Earning an RCM credit is simple and convenient. Students can complete their practical (instrumental) and theory (written) requirements in their own practice space, on their own instrument, and at their own pace.

We encourage teachers and students to discuss how a remote examination could help them achieve the next step in their musical journey.

Why It’s Important to Continue Practicing Music
PLEASE NOTE: All RCM Certficate Program Remote Exams are recorded for quality assurance and safety reasons. These videos will remain confidential and will not be published. When an exam registration is confirmed, this serves as consent to the examination being recorded. 
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