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Forms and Services

Forms and Services
  • Address Changes
    Address changes can now be made online through your account.  Click on "My Address" to submit any address changes.
  • Credits and Refunds

    Credits and Refund Policy

    • Once received by The Royal Conservatory, registrations may not be withdrawn.
    • No examination credits/refunds are granted to candidates who fail to appear for their scheduled examination.
    • There are no academic penalties for missed examinations.
    • No examination credits/refunds are given for amounts under $15.
    • No examination credits/refunds are granted if The Royal Conservatory is unable to accommodate a special request (other than religious restrictions).

    If you cannot attend your practical examination due to...

    • Direct time conflict with a school examination
      •  Supported by a letter on official school letterhead, signed and dated by a school official. This letter must specify the date of the school examination that directly conflicts with the candidate's music examination (i.e., general dates of school examinations will not be accepted).
    • Medical reasons that involve the candidate
      • Supported by a physician's letter on the official letterhead of the doctor's office, and that is signed and dated by the doctor.

    ...then you can apply for an examination credit (formerly called a “fee extension”) for the full amount of the examination fee OR a 50% refund of the examination fee

    Please Note:

    • The “Credits/Refunds Request Form” should be filled in and submitted to The Royal Conservatory along with supporting documentation (e.g., a letter from a physician or school authority on school letterhead).
    • Requests must be submitted to The Royal Conservatory in writing no later than two weeks after your examination date. Requests received after this time will be denied.
    • You must indicate at the time you submit your Request form whether you are applying for a credit for the full examination fee or a 50% refund of the examination fee. Changes are not permitted after submission.
    • Approved examination credits must be used within one year of the examination session for which the credit was requested, and are non-transferable and cannot be extended.  Please note that no additional credits, extensions or refunds will be provided for examination credits.
    • To redeem an examination credit, candidates should apply for their next examination online where the credit will automatically be applied. The Royal Conservatory will NOT automatically register you for another session.
    • Approved examination credits may only be used once. No additional credits, extensions or refunds will be provided for examination credits once they have been used.
    • Examination credits cannot be applied to the purchase of RCM Digital Resources, including online courses and examinations.
    • An administrative fee may apply in special circumstances
  • Duplicate Certificate / Diploma / Medals and Duplicate Examination Results

    Duplicate Certificate / Diploma / Medals Results: Please consult a current syllabus to ensure that you have fulfilled the certificate requirements for your grade before submitting the request form to The Royal Conservatory. Then:

    1. Please fill out a request form and fax/email to The Royal Conservatory

    2. Once we receive your form, you will then be able to pay online. 

    Duplicate Practical and Theory Examination Results: students may request copies of their previous theory exam results and practical marking forms.  Please note these requests are only available for the past 3 years.

  • Late Examination Registration Requests (formerly known as Late Paper Applications)

    Registering for August 2020 Examinations

    Because the August 2020 session has been switched from in-person to online and due to the additional $65 handling fee that would normally be charged for late registration, we are not offering Late Registration for the August session for any practical exams, Theory Levels 5 - 8, nor History 9 - ARCT. 

    We are offering Late Registration for Advanced Theory (Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis) and all Speech Arts Theory/History subjects.  Late registration is subject to an additional $65 handling fee and will not be accepted after July 26, 2020, 11:59PM PDT.  You can register for these subjects by submitting this form.

  • Exemption Request for the Academic Qualifying Examination

    Candidates who cannot demonstrate clear equivalents to Royal Conservatory theory examinations may apply for permission to write the Academic Qualifying Examination (formerly known as the Comprehensive Theory Examination). To apply for permission to write the Academic Qualifying Examination, or to request a package of Sample Academic Qualifying Examination Papers, please complete the Exemption Request for an Academic Qualifying Examination Form.

  • Program Forms to Bring to Examinations
  • Re-Evaluations / Re-Calculations of Theory Examinations

    Candidates may appeal the mark awarded on a theory examination only for the following reasons:

    • an error in the tabulation of marks
    • a substantial error or inconsistency in marking
    • a clarification of the reasons for the mark received

    All enquiries concerning re-calculation or re-evaluation of marks must be addressed in writing to The Royal Conservatory, Attention Candidate Services. Candidates should submit all documentation and fees.  Please allow four weeks for a reply.

    Re-Evaluation $65
    Re-Calculation $20

    Important: Any re-evaluation or re-calculation of marks may lead not only to an increase to the mark, but also to a lowering of the mark or to a confirmation of the existing mark. 

    Re-Calculation of Marks 

    Candidates who find either an obvious error in the tabulation of marks on an examination paper or a question that has not been marked, may request a re-calculation of marks from The Royal Conservatory. The candidate must submit:
    • the original examination paper(s)
    • a letter detailing the problem
    • the requisite fee for re-calculations

    In the event that a calculation or clerical error in the examination marks is found to be in the candidate’s favour, then the mark will be adjusted accordingly and the administrative fee will be refunded.

    Re-Evaluation of Theory Papers

    Candidates who believe there has been a substantial error or inconsistency in the marking of questions on an examination paper may request a re-evaluation of the entire examination paper.

    The candidate must submit:
    • the original examination paper(s)
    • a letter demonstrating why the candidate’s given answer has been marked incorrectly, citing specific instances
    • the requisite fee for re-evaluations

    The examination paper will be returned to the candidate, along with a written critique for each question from a member of the RCM College of Examiners. If the re-evaluation results in a higher mark, then the re-evaluation fee will be refunded.

    Deadlines for Requesting Re-Calculation or Re-Evaluation

  • Request for Past Examination Papers
    Copies of sample examination papers for each of the following theory examinations are available from The Royal Conservatory for $15 per paper. Please complete the Past Examinations Form. Unless otherwise requested, a PDF version of the exam will be sent to the email address indicated, please allow 2-3 weeks processing.

    All Speech Arts & Drama papers are available for free. Click below to download past Speech Arts & Drama examination papers.

    Please note that Speech Arts theory exams take place during Winter and Spring sessions only.

    ARCT Teacher's Written Papers

    ARCT Flute Teachers Written ARCT Guitar Teachers Written
    ARCT Speech Arts & Drama Teacher's Written ARCT Violin Teacher`s Written
    ARCT Voice Teacher's Written Other ARCT Teacher`s Written (please specify discipline)

    Comprehensive Theory Examination

    Comprehensive Theory Examination  

    Speech Arts & Drama Papers

    Level 1 Speech Arts: Technical Theory Level 1 Speech Arts: History & Literature
    Level 2 Speech Arts: Technical Theory Level 2 Speech Arts: History & Literature
    Level 3 Speech Arts: Technical Theory Level 3 Speech Arts: History & Literature
    Level 4 Speech Arts: Technical Theory  

    ARCT in Composition and Theory Papers


    Please specify

    Fill Out Form
  • Accessibility (formerly Special Needs) Request

    Candidates who have accessibility requirements may submit a request to the RCM Certificate Program for accommodations. Such requests must be made immediately after registration. The RCM Certificate Program will consider each case individually.

  • Special Theory Centre Information
  • Substitute Piece Request

    A Substitute Piece Request form must be submitted if a piece you wish to include in your examination program does meet the substitution criteria outlined in the Syllabus. The form is to be submitted by the examination registration deadline of the session you wish to use the piece. You will receive notice of whether the request has been approved or denied by email within four weeks. If approved, you must bring the approval form with you to the examination and submit it to the examiner. Approved Substitute Pieces are only valid for the session indicated below.

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure an alternate piece is prepared in case the substitute request is denied.


  • Transcripts
    Students may request official transcripts from The Royal Conservatory of Music by completing a Request for Official Transcript. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing.

  • Transfer Credits

    Transfer Credits for Theory Examinations from other Recognized Examination Systems

    Candidates may apply to transfer credits from other recognized examination systems for equivalent Royal Conservatory theory examinations. To view a list of accepted theory examination equivalents, click here

    Transfer Credits for Theory and Practical Examinations based on University/College Transcripts

    Candidates who hold a degree in music (e.g., a Bachelor of Music or a Bachelor of Arts degree with a music major) from an accredited university or college may request to have their transcript evaluated for transfer credit of Grade 10 prerequisite and co-requisites theory examinations, and ARCT co-requisite theory examinations.

    To apply for any transfer credits, please complete the Transfer Credits and Exemptions Request Form. Complete and return the form to The Royal Conservatory with copies of all relevant documentation, such as official transcripts, resume, certificates, diplomas, official documentation of performance experience, relevant course outlines, and the requisite fee (as applicable).

    The Royal Conservatory must receive all requests no later than the registration deadline of the examination session for which you wish to apply. Please allow four to six weeks for processing. Each application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and candidates may be granted credit for all, some, or none of their requested transfers.

    Transfer Credits for the ARCT in Piano Pedagogy

    Candidates who have passed the ARCT in Piano Performance examination may choose to be exempted from the Repertoire section of the Advanced Piano Pedagogy Part 1: Practical examination. 

    Transfer Credits for the Advanced Piano Pedagogy Certificate

    Candidates who already hold an ARCT Piano Teacher’s diploma and wish to enrich their qualifications may apply for permission to complete the Advanced Piano Pedagogy certificate. Such candidates may also choose to be exempted from the Advanced Piano Pedagogy Part 1: Practical examination.  

  • Practice Theory Assessment

    Candidates may submit practice examination papers to be marked by a member of The Royal Conservatory’s College of Examiners, and receive feedback to aid in their preparation for written examinations. The results and examiner's comments are for your reference only and should be used as tools for review and improvement, and will not count toward your official examination mark.

    For more information on Practice Theory Assessments, please click here.

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