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Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition

Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition 
Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition

The highly anticipated Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition for piano is a comprehensive 22-book collection of graded repertoire and etudes. The expertly curated series includes a rich diversity of styles you won’t find anywhere else, and serves as a guided path for teachers to foster artistic and technical development.

With 514 pieces by composers from over 20 countries, we’re celebrating today’s favorite composers with exclusive commissions along with beloved classics. The compilation is perfect for skill development, and performing in recitals and competitions.

The Celebration Series® serves the internationally renowned RCM Certificate Program that provides a progressive path for music study with the focus on developing well-rounded musicians and celebrating the achievements of students at all levels.

Praise for Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition 

The RCM Certificate Program is brilliant. I have such great memories from being a kid and going through the books and levels of the program. Knowing that the pieces that are in the book are at your level, that you are able to open that book and learn any one of them, and that there is this variety offer that is not just Bach, Chopin, or Mozart. That you have that choice and you know that from those pieces you will be able to play something.
Jan Lisiecki

What is The RCM Certificate Program?

The RCM Certificate Program is a recognized national standard of effectively sequenced music study from beginner to advanced levels. The Celebration Series books provide the curriculum to navigate students to success. 

Why Should I adopt The RCM piano curriculum? 

The Certificate Program inspires excellence through individual student examinations and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across North America. It also supports teachers with high-quality and innovative resources all in one place so you can spend less time sourcing your material and focus on teaching and growing your studio. 

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