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Every spring, students, faculty, and special guests of The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists come together for a special outdoor Playathon – 6 hours of music making in the courtyard of The Royal Conservatory on Bloor Street. 

This free, fun-filled day of student performances celebrates the close of the academic year, showcases the remarkable talents of our next generation of musicians, and raises funds to support their musical training. 

This year, students raised more than $15,000! 

To continue to develop the next generation of great Canadian artists, we must be able to provide support for the level of training needed to foster artistic excellence. 

Join us in the quest to offer our exceptional young students the best chance to reach their full potential and ensure that talented students receive the training they deserve. We need your support to: 

  • Expand learning opportunities through the master class program 
  • Encourage and support students through scholarships 
  • Explore new performance and recording opportunities 

Together, we will inspire endless possibilities for these young artists and unleash the enormous potential for creativity and innovation. 

Support the Taylor Academy* Help us meet our 2022 Playathon goal
*Please direct donations to “The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists”