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The Taylor Academy provides exceptional teaching by dedicated faculty – the highest-calibre artists and mentors. As part of their training, students are assigned to a private studio with one of our esteemed faculty members. 

Teachers are available in the Junior Academy for students in the disciplines of strings and piano, and in the Senior Academy for strings, piano, classical guitar, woodwinds, horn, and voice. Students may request any Royal Conservatory of Music faculty with final placement decision made by the Academy Director.

The following faculty have Academy students in their studio in the 2020-21 school year.  

  • Piano
    • Dianne Werner  
    • David Louie  
    • Li Wang  
    • Michael Berkovsky 
    • Langning Liu  
    • Jeanie Chung  
    • Benjamin Smith  
    • Todd Yaniw 
  • Strings
    • Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom (violin)
    • Atis Bankas (violin)
    • Erika Raum (violin)
    • Marie Berard (violin)
    • Mayumi Seiler (violin)
    • Conrad Chow (violin)
    • Jonathan Crow (violin)
    • Susan Gagnon (cello)
    • David Hetherington (cello)
    • Joowon Kim  (cello)
    • Paul Widner (cello)
  • Winds
    • Susan Hoeppner (flute)
    • Joaquin Valdepeñas (clarinet)
    • Keith Atkinson (oboe)  
  • Voice
    • Jean MacPhail  
    • ​Robert Loewen  
    • Helga Tucker  
    • Jennifer Tung