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Support the Oscar Peterson Program

Support the Oscar Peterson Program
Mentor helping violin student

Expanding Access to Music Education

The erosion of music education in Canada’s public schools has parents turning to extracurricular classes to deliver this important enrichment. For many, however, this is simply out of reach.

The Royal Conservatory believes that the transformative power of music to enrich lives should be accessible to all. The Oscar Peterson Program provides new opportunities for disadvantaged youth to enhance their creative capacity, to unleash their imaginations, and to develop the focus and discipline that comes from learning an instrument.

The Oscar Peterson Program at The Oscar Peterson School of Music reflects Canada’s unique multicultural society and promote inclusion and equity. For students who demonstrate an affinity for music, the program represents an extraordinary opportunity to open a new dimension in their lives that will have a profound impact on them personally, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Students participate in a wide range of activities from private lessons, music theory and history classes, song writing and music technology workshops, to performing in an orchestra or a choir.

What these students learn in this program will benefit them throughout their lives, regardless of their chosen career path.

With your support, the Oscar Peterson Program will:

  • provide exceptional music education for talented children and youth from underserved communities
  • engage inspiring mentors who will act as role models and guide students through their journey into the world of music
  • establish the Oscar Peterson Program Orchestras, giving aspiring music students unmatched opportunities to perform with their peers

To donate now or to discuss how you can make a significant contribution to the Program, please contact the Senior Director, Major Gifts & Stewardship Programs.

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