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Teacher Education and Pedagogy

Continuous Learning for Classroom Music Teachers

Teacher Training and Pedagogy - piano teacher and student

Classroom Teacher Education and Pedagogy

Committed to continuous professional learning, the Oscar Peterson School of Music (formerly the Royal Conservatory School) in Toronto offers workshops and certificate courses for classroom and group music teachers, and is proud to set the national standard for pedagogy in Canada. 

Within the Province of Ontario, the Oscar Peterson School of Music is the exclusive Orff Teacher Education provider, offering summer intensive courses as well as workshops and webinars year-round. 

The Oscar Peterson School of Music (formerly the Royal Conservatory School) also offers courses in Early Childhood Music Education on the foundations of music programming for young children.

All of our continuous professional learning is delivered by a roster of experienced and dynamic instructors, attracting teachers from around the world.

If you have any questions about music teacher training, please contact [email protected].

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