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Advanced Practical Overview

Advanced Practical Exam Overview

Effective for exam registrations from January 1, 2021 onward, Advanced level remote practical exams will be conducted via Zoom. Students who register on January 1, 2021 or later will no longer be required to submit YouTube recordings for their repertoire and etudes. They will perform their full examination programs in real time during the scheduled Zoom meeting. In some cases, a YouTube submission may be requested. If a YouTube submission has been requested, to be eligible for Fall 2021 awards and/or completion of ARCT/ LRCM Diplomas for this Academic Year, all exams submitted via YouTube must be completed and submitted by June 10, 2021. This deadline only applies to YouTube exams. 

Students who have already registered for Level 9, Level 10 (complete and split repertoire), all ARCT including Advanced Piano Pedagogy, or Licentiate exams, or who do so before January 1, 2021 will still be allowed to submit YouTube recordings per the original deadline.

Please also ensure that you have met the Specific and General examination conditions for your instrument/discipline on this page.