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Northeast Region

Northeast Region Celebration of Excellence

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall
New York City, New York

Students will be invited to perform at this Celebration of Excellence recital based upon the following criteria:
  • Took their exam at a center located in CT, DC, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT or WV, during Academic Year 2018-19 (ending August 31, 2019)

  • Achieved a Top Mark for their discipline (with a minimum of 90) on their practical examination. Last year, the average Top Mark was 95. Additional participants may be invited at the discretion of the Academic Office of the RCM Certificate Program.

  • Have no amounts owing to the Royal Conservatory after August 30, 2019

Invitations have been sent. The link to RSVP will be provided in the email to invitees and due to space constraints, please note that the first 70 RSVPs received will be accepted to perform.

An invitation to this event represents a significant achievement within the RCM Certificate Program and we hope to see all of our invitees at this Celebration of Excellence!
  • How to Purchase Tickets
    To order tickets, please phone the RCM Tickets Box Office at 1.888.408.0208.  Guest tickets are C$40 each which is approximately US$33.  Your credit card company will convert the charge to US dollars.  A reminder that Carnegie WILL NOT permit anyone to enter Weill Hall without a ticket.  If you would like to order additional tickets, some are still available.
  • Where to Pick Up Your Tickets
    Your guests will need to pick-up their ticket(s) no earlier than 1 hour prior to the recital at the Carnegie Hall Box Office located inside Carnegie Hall at 154 West 57th Street (near 7th Avenue). Please note that ticket(s) will be available for pick-up on November 16 only

    The doors to Weill Hall will open approximately 30 minutes before the recital time and seating is general admission.
  • Information About the Day


    • Performers and their accompanists will be able to check in at the Carnegie Hall Stage Door starting 1 hour prior to your recital

    • Everyone MUST be checked in no later than 35 minutes prior to the recital. Please do not be late otherwise you may not be permitted to perform.

    • The Carnegie Hall Stage Door is located at 161 West 56th Street (at 7th Avenue). 

    • ONLY performers and their accompanists will be permitted to enter the backstage area. Our staff will supervise performers throughout the event.

    • IMPORTANT: parents/guardians will be asked to take their performer's boots and outerwear (coats, hats, scarfs, etc.) with them at drop-off.

    • If you have an accompanist, please pass this information to them as well.

    The 9:30AM recital will be approximately 1.5 hours long while the 1PM recital will be approximately 2 hours long.  Both events will begin with the recital and followed by a short ceremony during which time National Gold Medalists will receive their award.  The 1PM recital will also include the awarding of the Northeast Region RCM Teacher of Distinction.  Both recitals will be conclude with a celebratory reception for performers, teachers, and guests. 

    Carnegie Hall does not permit any photography, videotaping, or audio recording at any time during the event. However, a Carnegie-approved photographer, will be taking photos of all performers and information on how to purchase a photo will be sent after the recital.

    No jeans, baseball caps, or sweat pants are allowed to be worn at this event. Performers must arrive in their recital attire. Change rooms will not be provided. 

    Outside food is not permitted in the building.

    If you have accessibility and/or special needs requirements, please let us know ASAP at 1.866.716.2223 or advise our staff at time of check-in

  • Recital Repertoire Criteria
    • You may select ONE piece (or ONE movement of a longer work) from the current RCM Syllabus to perform as outlined below. Please ask your teacher for guidance with your repertoire selection.
    • The selection need not be one of the pieces you performed for your 2018–2019 practical examination, but it must be chosen from a level within the next two levels for which you received the award.
    • The selection must be listed in the current RCM Syllabus for your instrument.  IMPORTANT: Student's Choice or Teacher's Choice pieces will NOT be accepted for this Celebration of Excellence recital
    • For those disciplines where examination memorization marks are offered (e.g. for piano, voice, guitar, strings, etc.), recital selections must be played from memory.  For all other disciplines, recital selections should ideally be played from memory.
    • Time limits must be strictly respected as follows:
      • Performances at Preparatory Level - Level 4 may not exceed three minutes
      • Performances at Levels 5 - 8 may not exceed five minutes
      • Performances at Levels 9 - 10 may not exceed seven minutes

Should you have any questions about this Celebration of Excellence, please contact us.