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Remote Practical Exams FAQ

The following contains answers to some frequently asked question about how the online exams work, as well as changes being implemented in the examination process due to social distancing requirements. Please consult this page regularly, as we will keep updating the information as new questions come in and further clarifications are made. 

  • My exam was switched to remote, what happens next?
    1. The date and time of your remote exam will appear in your MyRCM account - in "My Exams and Results" along with the Program Form link. 

    2. You will then receive a confirmation email indicating the date and time of your exam from "[email protected]". If you do not receive this, please check your spam or junk mail folders and also add this email to your "safe sender" list.

    3. You must submit your Program Form no later than 24 hours prior to your exam by clicking on the link in your MyRCM account

    4. Your Sight Reading will appear in your MyRCM account no later than 22 hours prior to your exam and will also be emailed to you.  You can print it and begin preparing it immediately upon receipt.

    5. The "Start Exam" button in your MyRCM account will activate 5 minutes prior to your exam. Please be ready to enter the room as soon as the button activate.

    6. Should you experience technical issues prior to or during your exam, please submit this form.  You will need your exam confirmation number or RCME number found in your MyRCM account. Please only submit this form if you are having issues prior to or during your exam.

    7. IMPORTANT: Please click the "Leave Meeting" button on the bottom right hand corner of your Zoom screen once your exam is done. If you do not do this, you are "locking out" others from entering the room which means that they cannot do their exam.

  • Why are my exam times different - which is the right time?

    Unfortunately, some students experience a technical issue where the Confirmation Email or Program Form sometimes show different times vs what is in your account.  The time in your account is correct - please use this time to prepare for and enter your exam room. We are working to correct this issue and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • How do I submit my Program Form?

    Your Program Form is available in your MyRCM account. Please click on the link and complete and submit the Program Form online no later than 24 hours prior to your exam.

  • Why can’t I schedule my remote exam?

    For the August examination session, we are scheduling all exams for candidates.  Where exam times were already available, every effort is being made to schedule the online exam within the same 90 minute time block on the same day that was originally requested. Those currently without a time for August will be scheduled per our standard scheduling process.

  • Why was my exam cancelled?

    For the August session, the only discipline for which exams have been automatically deferred is Organ due to the specific exam requirements for this discipline.  These exam candidates will receive a full credit of their examination fee that will be able to be used toward their next RCM Certificate Program exam for the discipline/level of their choice (any applicable fee differences will need to be paid). This credit is valid until August 2021.  Students will receive an email from Candidate Services (Canada) or Account Services (US) with the subject line “You have Received a Credit for your August 2020 Exam” indicating that their credit was processed.

  • I can’t take my exam remotely, what should I do?

    This page indicates the General and Specific Conditions for each practical discipline in which a remote examination may take place. 

    If you do not meet all of these conditions, please submit this form to request a full credit that will be valid until August 2021. 

  • What is the policy regarding collaborative pianists?

    For the August 2020 remote practical exam session, the collaborative pianist requirement varies depending upon your discipline and/or level per this page.   

  • How does the YouTube upload work?

    For students in the Advanced Levels who will be required to upload their repertoire and etudes via YouTube for evaluation, please review the information found here.

  • Does the YouTube upload need to be done in a continuous take?

    To reflect the expectations of an in-person examination experience, Level 9, 10 and ARCT candidates must record their Repertoire and Etudes as one continuous performance, and submit them as one complete video and one YouTube link.

    However, for brass & woodwinds examinations, in view of concerns related to stamina and embouchure, these candidates may record their exam programs in several successive sessions, but must submit them as a single video and one YouTube link.

  • I requested a credit from my exam, how do I know if it was approved?

    If you were unable to meet the General or Specific Conditions to complete your previously scheduled in-person August 2020 exam remotely, and you submitted a credit request via this form, you will receive an email from Candidate Services (Canada) or Account Services (US) with the subject line “Your Exam Credit has been Approved” once your credit request has been successfully processed. 

  • What happens if I already registered and paid for my August exam registration but wanted to use the credit that I was supposed to receive from my Spring 2020 exam?

    If you did not see your credit automatically being deducted from your total exam fee in Step 5 of 6 of the Exam Registration process (checkout), this means that your credit request has not yet been processed.  We are not offering refunds for those who registered for an exam ahead of their credit being available.  However, your Spring 2020 credit will still be valid to use toward another RCM Certificate Program exam in the upcoming academic year, and prior to the one-year credit expiry date per the email that you will receive once your credit is processed. 

  • I am not receiving the emails, what should I do?

    Please follow these steps to ensure that your mail provider is not blocking emails from the RCM Certificate Program.  The majority of the information being emailed is also online with the exception of credit notices and exam date/time confirmations. 

    If you are registered for an August 2020 exam AND you did not receive an email, please do the following:​

    1. Check your Spam or Junk Mail Folder - often times, emails from The Royal Conservatory and/or RCM Certificate Program end up there due to filter settings by many email providers.
    2. Add [email protected] to your Safe Sender list. 
    3. Verify that the email addresses for yourself and your child(ren) are correct:
    • Login to MyRCM
    • To review your email address, please click on “My Account Details” and confirm that your email is correct.  If it is not, please update the email address and your new email address will receive relevant communications from the RCM.
    • To review your child’s email address, please click on “My Family”, select the name of your child and confirm that their email address is correct.  If it is not, please update the email address to receive relevant communications from the RCM.
  • I emailed Candidate/Account Services and haven’t heard back yet?

    The Candidate/Account Services team is currently experiencing an extraordinarily high volume of calls and emails.  Because of the volume of inquiries, we are currently unable to respond to as many messages as we normally would each day.  If your situation is urgent and cannot be resolved by reviewing the information on this webpage, please call us but note that your phone wait times will be elevated as well. 

  • Can I still register for the August 2020 session?
    We are accepting late registrations for the August 2020 examination session which is being done online/remotely for all disciplines and/or levels with the exception of Organ.  If you meet the General and Specific Conditions as indicated for your discipline on this chart, please submit this form if you would like to request that your exam be done remotely in August.  Late registration requests are subject to a $65 handling fee (in addition to the applicable examination fee) and, for August 2020, will not be accepted after August 15, 2020. 
  • I have an electronic piano/keyboard, how do I know if it has weighted keys?

    The specific condition to take an August 2020 Piano practical examination remotely is “an acoustic piano OR a 76- or 88-key weighted electronic keyboard as a substitute for an acoustic piano” for Piano Level Prep to 8 only. 

    When keys on a digital keyboard are weighted, they feel more like playing real piano keys. Weighted keys are a feature that help electronic pianos/keyboards feel more like the action of an acoustic piano. If you are still unsure, please search online for the brand/model of your keyboard and review the manufacturer’s description.

  • Can I record my exam?
    All Remote Exams are recorded by the RCM Certificate Program for quality assurance and safety reasons. These videos will remain confidential and will not be published. By registering for an exam, candidates consent to this recording.  Candidates and their families are not permitted to record the online component of their practical examination as this compromises the academic integrity of the Program.  Recording this exam may result in the Certificate being annulled and cancellation of the candidate's future participation in the RCM Certificate Program.
  • I have not received my exam confirmation email?

    Please check your MyRCM account to see if your exam has been scheduled. If so, your Program Form and your Sight Reading will all be available from your MyRCM account.  Your confirmation email is simply a courtesy note to inform you when your exam has been scheduled.  You can also check your Spam/Junk folder, check the email address associated with your account for typos, and add [email protected] to your safe sender list.

  • Where can I find my Program Form link?
  • I have not received my Sight Reading.

    This will be available no later than 22 hours prior to the exam in your MyRCM account. You can print it and begin preparing it immediately upon receipt.

  • I am having issues immediately prior to/during my exam.

    To prepare for your exam, please read this document at least 24 hours prior to your exam. 

    If something goes wrong at the start of the exam or during the exam, please submit this form and a team member will get back to you within one business day.

  • What are the guidelines related to the use of recorded accompaniment?

    For the August 2020 session, for Levels Prep to 4 only, there are three accompaniment options (except for Voice):

    1. On-site Collaborative pianist

    2. Recorded accompaniment

    3. Collaborative requirement waived (not applicable for Voice)

    More information will be provided by July 20, 2020.

  • I did not receive a date or time for my exam before it was switched to Remote, how will my exam be scheduled?

    We will be scheduling all exams per our usual in-person process.  Once your exam is scheduled, the date and time of your remote exam will first appear in your MyRCM account - in "My Exams and Results" along with the Program Form link. The rest of the process will be the same as outlined here.

  • Can I still register for the August session?
    Because the August 2020 session has been switched from in-person to online and due to the additional $65 handling fee that would normally be charged for late registration, we are not offering Late Registration for the August session since you can register directly for a Remote Exam at the end of August by registering as normal through your MyRCM account.

    NOTE:  we are currently experiencing a technical issue with Remote Exams and you can currently only register for a date starting in September.  This is being investigated and we will update this section as soon as it is resolved.  Note that we have a blackout period in August due to the August session, but once the technical issue is resolved, some dates and times will be available the week of August 24.
  • Why does my account still shows my in-person exam date and time?
    We have left your current exam scheduling information in your account until such time as we can convert it to a remote exam.  Once your remote exam date and time is available, the information in your account will reflect this and you will also receive a confirmation email.  Your remote exam date and time should be available no later than 48 hours prior to your exam. 

    Because our goal is to schedule your remote exam as closely as possible to your originally requested in-person exam date and time block, you should plan and prepare accordingly.  Note that, pending examiner availability, we may not be able to accommodate all requests but will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible in these situations.
  • When can I expect my exam results?

    Practical examination results, which include a copy of the examination form, are generally available four to six weeks after the examination has taken place. Theory examination results are generally available six weeks after the examination. Students are then able to view their graded paper online. Scans of the theory papers will be available eight to ten weeks after the date of the examination.

    For instructions on where to find your mark in your My RCM account, click here.